Tuesday, August 01, 2006

bean bag : Bean Bag Chairs Compared to Regular Furniture

Bean bag chairs still remain one of the worlds many mysteries. How did they come about, who or what inspired the shape, are they safe, and where can I get one? To answer these questions and more we need to look into the 1960’s when this design was first uncovered. Created by an Italian design and first called a "Sacco", the bean bag chairs became greatly popular and then mass-produced. Today this design is still remains basically the same with exception to the fabric, filling, the original headrest and additional safety features.

Bean bag chairs are the only furniture other than plastic patio chairs that can be easily relocated. This makes them ideal for flats, the poolside and any other outdoor area. (Check the waterproof qualities on the tag.) Also ideal for use on new carpet or floor lining as these clever designs won’t leave a dent in your floor. Bean bag chairs can be found in every color of the rainbow with so many designs and colors to choose from including pet beanbag beds, leather, denim, fur and suede fabrics. There is a design and color to suit any home with the exception being a too classic home may not necessarily suit a bean bag, try the den or playroom instead. There are also bean bags fabrics that are waterproof and can repel liquids that may them ideal for pets or little children. One of the fun things about having a bean bag chairs is deciding where to put it.

These wonderful creations are also great at saving you money. Why spend thousands on a new lounge suite when you can buy modern, furniture set in the few hundreds. Bean bag chairs can be found filled already or with just the case so they will need to be filled. If this is the case then you will need a helper. They can hold the bag open while you pull the polystyrene balls in. Stand away from a door as even the slightest of breeze can cause a small snowstorm in your lounge. Make sure to stuff the bag incredibly full if you suffer from a bad back or sore neck. To check that the bag is filled enough, check that there are still 6 inches between the widest point of the bean bags. If you prefer a loose comfortable fit only fill the bag ¾ of the way for a fuller fit try filling it as close to the top as you can while making sure it can still close.

Decorate a room with bean bags, they are affordable, bright, welcoming, cosy and fashionable. All your friends will be over to enjoy trying out your new bean bags. To get the perfect shape from your new bean bag chairs there are a few ways to go about this. Sit in the middle of the bag, not too high or too low. The bag will provide a supported yet comfortable seat. Make a bean bags the main feature of the room if you are going for a modern look. Brighten up any dull room with a colored beanbag. Ideal as gifts for students leaving for uni, they can fit into any space are lightweight and easy to move. They can blend in tastefully with any room if the right color and fabric have been selected. When it comes to bean bag chairs and children, there are a few safety issues to be considered here. While beanbags are safe they pose a risk if loose beads escape from the bean bags. Try to find a bean bag chairs supplier that will line you bean bags when they make it with a safety liner. This ensures that the beans will be extra secure in the beanbag.

By Claire Calkin


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