Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Beanbag chairs gives you comfort

Beanbag was started in the market around 60s and became quite popular in the late 60s and 70s as a replacement of chairs. Bean bag was fill with pvc pellets and dried beans into a kind of fabric cloth and sealed. The cloth can be zipped out and wash and even the pellet can be refilled if the pellet became tinner. When going to a furniture shops see that the materials can easily be wash in the washing machine or by hands. The beads can easily takes out and refill.

Beanbag chairs gives you comfort when watching your favorite program from the television or reading your morning newspaper or come back after a hards days work. Beanbag chairs comes in many size, shape, colors and materials to match the colors and design of your house.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Making my own beanbag chair

Most home will have one or two bean bag chair as bean bag chairs gives you the comfort and the feeling of relax when watching your favorite TV program. Besides beanbag chair is easily and lighter to carry about compare to other cushion chair. The cost of buying a new beanbag chairs is pretty cheap as most furniture shop will be doing and giving a good discount on their furniture as well as their beanbag chairs during spring time to clear their old stock for new stock to arrived. The price of making your own beanbag chairs are not so cheap then buying when there is a good offer.

I remmember last year, my wife take the trouble to make her own beanbag chairs. First we had to go to textile shops to buy thick materials cloth to make our beanbag chairs, a long zip to zip the cloth and easily for washing. About few packet of PVC pellets. when the beanbag is ready we find that the cost making is more the same as buying a new one during offer time. Why make your own beanbag chairs when you can roughly buy the same at the same cost.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

The comfort of beab bag chairs

Bean bag are most make of PVC pellets or dried beans and are very comfortable to sit and relax after a hards days works. Most of the bean bags are sold in big furniture shops as a commercial products because of its great comfort and relaxing. During old times bean bag are use as a game where one person kick to another and it said to be started in China.

Todays beanbag chairs comes in many design for the kids and adults. For kids beanbag comes in cartoon heroes and even Disney animals. For adults its comes in single sitting or a two or three sitting style. Most of todays beanbag are make of leather or strong fabric and had a zip at the side to take out the pellets if it needs washing or to add more pellets.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beanbag chairs are available in many choises

Beanbag chairs are available in many shapes, sizes and fabric choices. The price of a beanbag chairs depends on the materials and size you purchase. Today to purchase a beanbag chairs from the furniture is much cheaper than you design to make your own. Sales from the furniture shops will come with an offer two or three times per year and some will be up to 50% for sales. To make your own the cost of workmanship is very high.

When buying a beanbag chairs see that the materials can easily be wash in the washing machine or by hands. The beads can easily takes out and refill. The good of beanbag chairs it gives full relaxation for your back when watching television or reading newspaper.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Beanbag sofa an ideal furniture

Beanbag sofa an ideal furniture for your new home its add comfort sitting to the owners aparts from providing beautiful alternative to a traditional sofa. Todays sofa comes in many design, fabric and colours and even the shape can help you to beautified the room.

With the variety of beanbag chairs and sofa on offer you can add to the design of your room with difference colours and shape. For your children room a design and shape of his favourite animals. The beauty of beanbag chairs or sofa it relax your body after a hards days works. When buying a bean bag sofa or chairs see that the fabric material is strong. and had zip that can be wash and even replace with new beans.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Bean bag of cartoon character

Bean bag items has been in fashion for ages. Bean bags comes in many form such a bean bag chairs as a furniture for your home, or a shape of a game of ball which is kick and pass around a group of five or more people in a round shape. Bean bags is also good for making soft toys for small kids at home. Your can pick from the wide array of dazzling, resplendent colors and awkward or cartoon-character-like shapes. This cartoon character types can comes in the shape of animals, like mickey or minnie mouse, winnie the pooh or even your favourite heros.

During the middle summer our club organizer a food fun fair for our clubs members and outsiders in aids of our project funds. One of the stores comes out with the ideals of winnie the pooh make of designed fabric and stuff with bean bag. The colour and the cute little bears looks very beautiful to most eye of the adults and children. We comes out with a thousand pieces with a price of ten Malaysian ringgit. We didn't expect it to be a hot items in the fair as it was sold out within three hours. A great achivements


Friday, July 13, 2007

Large beanbag chairs for comfort and relaxing

Today's beanbag chairs comes in many design, styles, colour and sizes from toddler to adults. The supportive video rocker has become a favorite seat for children, teens and adults everywhere and even the large beanbag chair is more sellable then the the small size of bean bag chairs where large beanbag will give you full body weight support and better comfort when sitting.

The good things of beanbag chairs is that you can take it to any corners and places in your house. Watching your TV programe in the hall or inside your rooms or anyplace your beanchair to be. When buying your beanbag chairs see that fabric is strong enough with zip that can be take out for washing and also refilling. I just brought a video rocker and a large bean bag chairs for comfort and relaxing.