Friday, August 24, 2007

Bean bag of cartoon character

Bean bag items has been in fashion for ages. Bean bags comes in many form such a bean bag chairs as a furniture for your home, or a shape of a game of ball which is kick and pass around a group of five or more people in a round shape. Bean bags is also good for making soft toys for small kids at home. Your can pick from the wide array of dazzling, resplendent colors and awkward or cartoon-character-like shapes. This cartoon character types can comes in the shape of animals, like mickey or minnie mouse, winnie the pooh or even your favourite heros.

During the middle summer our club organizer a food fun fair for our clubs members and outsiders in aids of our project funds. One of the stores comes out with the ideals of winnie the pooh make of designed fabric and stuff with bean bag. The colour and the cute little bears looks very beautiful to most eye of the adults and children. We comes out with a thousand pieces with a price of ten Malaysian ringgit. We didn't expect it to be a hot items in the fair as it was sold out within three hours. A great achivements