Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bean Bag Chair Filling -- Is It Really Beans?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is inside a bean bag chair? Is it really full of “beans?” The truth is, not all bean bags have the same filling.

LoveSac Bean Bags

Of course, let me first state that LoveSac does not make what we generally think of as “bean bags.” Theirs are the bean bags of the future – over-sized and overly comfortable. No one could mistake the ultra-comfortable shredded polyurethane foam as “beans.” When you lie on a LoveSac oversized sac, it completely forms to your body. But it will also bounce back to its original shape with ease – the high quality foam will not go flat.And for shipping purposes, the sacs can be smashed down to a shrunken size – and then refluffed when unpacked. Again, these oversized sacs are not your typical bean bags. Many other companies – realizing the brilliance behind LoveSac -- have started making their own foam bags, too.

Traditional Bean Bags

More traditional bean bags are filled with polystyrene pellets. In fact, the very first bean bags ever mass-produced (back in the 1960’s) were filled with polystyrene beads – these beads are super light, making the bags very mobile. Polystyrene originally come in sugar form – steam is blown into the sugar to expand it. Unlike the oversized, foam-filled bags of LoveSac, these bags tend to flatten out over time. The polystyrene pellets break down relatively quickly – especially when under pressure. Also, these squishy little pellets tend to be noisy. If you are sitting in a bean bag, watching a movie with friends, you will be aware of your every move… and so will your friends.

Another difference with this bean bag filling is that it does not mold to a body like polyurethane foam does. And if you have ever owned a traditional bean bag, you probably remember how at first just a few of the little white pellets would somehow escape from the depths of the bag, but eventually, they were everywhere! It is very common to have to refill this type of bean bag.

Make Your Own Bean Bag Chair Filler

So, the abovementioned bean bag chair fillers, polyurethane foam and polystyrene beads, are what you will find in most store-bought bean bags, there are multiple options as to what you can fill a homemade bean bag chair with – you use some of these fillings as extra fill for your current bean bag chair.

If you want, you can go ahead and fill your bean bag with beans! It is appropriate, isn’t it? You can find some dried beans or rice and fill your bag up with them – of course, these food items might attract some pests. Also, you need to watch out for moisture. Something else that you might consider is wood shavings. Perhaps you have seen the pet beds that come filled with wood shavings. Cedar shavings have a very pleasant smell, as well. For some added fluff, why not use feathers from old feather pillows? Or you could try nut shells, Styrofoam or plastic pellets, or polyester stuffing. Be creative with your bean bag chair filling! By Anne Clarke


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